Thursday, September 28, 2006

Love Story

This story was sent to me by a regular reader and I wanted to share it with you for "Love Thursday":

"You know I do hair up at the nursing home here on Wednesdays. There is a lady up there whose hair I have done for awhile. Anyway, I have to tell you about her and her husband. The funny thing is they are Mr. and Mrs. Wright and trust me they are right for each other.

"She is in the Alzheimer unit and she is very mobile walks all over the place constantly. She is lucky if she weighs 80 pounds soaking wet and maybe in her 20s was 5 feet tall on a good day. She is also a former hairstylist. She is someone who doesn't speak much. When she tries to talk it is just babble. She is kinda grouchy (but I love her to death). She is resistant to go with me (or anyone) to have her hair done (or anything for that matter). So I learned a long time ago to call her husband when I had to work with her.

"When she sees him walk in the room she is a totally different person. She is calm, smiles, knows him. Calls him honey. She will do anything he tells her with a smile on her face. The funny thing is she is all over him. He sits next to her in a chair while I am giving her a perm and she likes to face him and put her legs up on his lap (smiling the entire time). When she is turned in the chair she will contort herself to touch him. The way they look at each other is like something in a movie. It is like they are 16 yrs old and it is their first love. You have to remember they are in their 80s and have been married forever and have 3 grown kids.

"It is almost something you have to witness because it is hard to describe the interaction between the two of them. It is witnessing true love. In today's day and age I don't think we see that and if you have that you are extremely lucky. He is up there a couple times a day to see and he worries about her so much. It makes me wonder if my marriage is that strong (I'd like to think so). They have the kind of relationship that no matter what your age you are envious of! Even though there is nothing at all dirty about it, it is almost like no one should be able to witness the intimacy there, and see the love, trust, and connection but there is no way not to. When you leave them you are happier person. If everyone had this kind of relationship there would be no divorce in the world.

"You don't have to use this story. It is just something I thought I would share with you since you are like me and like these happy, emotional stories. I just thought a story like should be shared."

I agree.

Have a great Thursday, everyone. May your day be full of love.

Wanda Tucker, Coach

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cnedaria said...

Wow, what a great story! Made me cry. I hope that I can have such a relationship in my life someday. We should all be so lucky. Happy Love Thursday!

Bozoette said...

Ah, that is indeed true love.

Wanda Tucker said... is truly amazingly sweet. We should all be so blessed.

Irene said...

what a beautiful story, thank you so much for sharing it.

happy love thursday!

PastorMac's Ann said...

True love indeed. Thanks for sharing it!

northstar100 said...

What a sweet, soulful story. It is a day-brightener just to read this. Thanks for sharing this.

sar_girl said...

I am glad you all liked it so well....I am truely thankful these 2 people came into my life....maybe they did so I could pass on the lesson in love.....thanks auntie for posting this. :)

Wanda Tucker said...

You're welcome, sweetie. Thanks for sending it to me.