Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Love of My Life...

Okay...the four-footed one.

He's been gone two years now. If he had been able to hold on through the kidney disease, he would be 20 now.

He was my familiar. My friend. The love between us was deep and strong. Some say animals don't feel emotion. I disagree. I have no proof, but neither do they (the naysayers, I mean).

I loved taking pictures of him--especially pictures of him roosting or sleeping. Who knew that an "old man" cat could be so cute. Or was he just cute to me? Nah. He was cute.

He had a presence that was at least 6 foot 6, a spirit that could melt any hardness in my heart with one glance, and a purr in the range of the elephants' deep rumble. He rattled me loose. Even remembering him brings me to that same place of inner softness.

What softens your heart? I'd love to hear.

Wanda Tucker, Coach

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Crunchy Carpets said...

Awww...I know how you feel..I lost my best friend 4 years ago and I still miss her.

She was Cleo...she had been my buddy through my late and turbulent teens, watched all my dating games and saw me get married.

She stayed with my mom then as I didn't want to upset her idilic life.

She dominated every room she graced with her presence...she had to have her own chair at any parties or gatherings....she ruled our house.

She amused and terrified people with her moods!

She smacked my face awake every morning for over 13 years.

Her ashes are still at moms.

Wanda Tucker said...

I still have Larry's ashes...and those of his brother, Daryl.

Thanks for telling me your story.

cnedaria said...

There really is nothing like the love of an animal. I've had many in my life, and they've all been special, but every now and then you find that one that really touches your heart in a different way. The first time for me was my ferret, Schnitzel. She was abused as a kit in the petstore, and she took a long while with me to get over it. She hated men all her life and would try and attack any man who came into her space. She was the meanest, most ornery, smartest critter I've ever met. I loved her fiercely. Another severely abused ferret I rescued turned into a true animal soul mate for me. George always knew my mood and would either come lie with me and give me kisses if I needed comfort, or perform silly tricks to get me in a better mood. He was a special friend. I still have the ashes of all my pets. We have two new kittens following the death of our 18 year old Max early this year. I'm seeing a lot of potential for one of these special relationships with Eregon, the male kitten. Whatever the future brings, I know we'll enjoy a long special relationship with both of them. I hope you have another fur love in your life. Happy Love Thursday!

Wanda Tucker said...

I do. Two of them.

PastorMac's Ann said...

They do leave a huge empty spot when they leave, don't they.

Wanda Tucker said...

Oh, yes. No question.

sar_girl said...

Who says your 'soul mate' has to be human??? I know animals feel emotion as we all do.

graceonline said...

Perhaps your sweet one and my Osiris, who died four years ago and would have been twenty on Halloween, are walking tall together somewhere. (Yes, he was a black cat, with about ten white hairs on his chest.)

My partner of many years says Osiris is my soul mate.

Indeed, many's the night I feel that certain jog of the bed, then his pad, pad, pad, and arthritic plop! behind my knees. If I don't open my eyes, I will feel his weight there much of the night.

Whenever I am ill, he still comes and lays his body against mine where it hurts the most. If I let him, and don't struggle to prove that he's really there, or conversely that I'm hallucinating, he stays and his healing heat radiates through my body until I'm better.

When I'm distressed, no matter where I am, suddenly the peculiar scent of his dying days, when his organs were shutting down, comes full force, and there is nothing I can see to explain it.

I've taken to thanking him in those moments for reminding me that life is too short to do anything but get back to work and solve problems, and most of all, enjoy the time we have.

Thank you for telling us about your special one, and for the pictures.

Wanda Tucker said...

I am sure Larry and Osiris are sharing tales about their two-leggeds and having a good laugh.

And about "really there"...who's to say what is real?

Jenny Rough said...

I love orange cats. What a sweetie. We had a dog when I was younger who had puppies -- we loved her and her litter. I just found out that her last puppy, that we gave to some friends, died. So sad!

Wanda Tucker said...

This was my first orange cat. I have come to love them dearly.

We are so blessed to have these creatures grace our lives. Sorry about your grandpuppy. It really hurts when they leave, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful kitty. Where would we be without our "little furred persons", as some songwriter somewhere once said?

Wanda Tucker said...

It would be a cold, lonely planet, to be sure.