Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Three truths and a lie

[Note: This was originally posted on February 4, 2006. For some reason, it never showed up as a post. So here it is. I guess it is just one of those technological quirks that happens sometimes.]

We laughed. We laughed hard and long. None of us wanted to stop playing, but a couple of us had to get up at 4:00 a.m. to go to the airport, and the reality of a short night of sleep brought us to the end of the games.

Jasmin (see the post on October 26, 2005) invited me to her birthday dinner. Seven of us spent the evening celebrating the anniversary of her entering this world. We ate good food and shared each others' company, the way good friends do, and we played games.

Tracy heard of a game on the radio that he brought to the party. Three Truths and a Lie. You come up with four statements about yourself...three truths and one lie. Then you share all four statements with the group and let the others guess which of the four is the lie. Talk about a way to get to know your friends better! The stories behind the truths made Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures pale in comparison.

We shared facts from the ridiculous to the profane. Since it was a late night adult party, some of the topics were even R rated. And we had so many laughs, we played another round and another.

How long has it been since you have laughed long and hard? The euphoria that followed several hours of belly laughing with tears in my eyes stayed for days. Everything looked brighter.

What do you like to do to laugh? I'd love it if you would share your favorites here. Try this game and give me a report. Spread it around. It's good for our health.

Wanda Tucker, Coach


northstar100 said...

Since I was there, I can attest to the hilarity. It did, indeed, have a long lasting effect.

When I need a laugh, I also like silly movies such as Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show and basically anything by Christopher Guest. I also like to call friends and laugh together. My golf game is also a source of laughter and entertainment. In fact, I'm pretty much amused by life a good part of the time. Learning to laugh at myself has been an enormous gift - I'm so very human. Thanks for reminding me of a fun evening.

Wanda Tucker said...

When is our next party? I need some good laughs.

sar_girl said...

Totally sounds like my kind of party......and I invited next time I come to town?? :)

Wanda Tucker said...