Friday, September 22, 2006

What do you stand for?

The village was threatened by a tribe of barbarians. The inhabitants were abandoning their houses and fleeing to a safer place. At the end of a year they had all left – except a group of Jesuits.

The army of barbarians entered the city without any resistance and held a great feast to commemorate the victory. In the middle of the dinner a priest appeared.

“You came in here and drove out peace. I beg you to leave at once.”

“Why haven’t you fled yet?” shouted the chief of the barbarians. “Don’t you see that I can run you through with my sword without blinking an eye?”

The priest answered calmly: “Don’t you see that I can be run through by a sword without blinking an eye?”

Surprised by such serenity before death, the chief of the barbarians and his tribe abandoned the place the next day.

Thanks again to Warrior of Light for this story.

Sometimes all it takes to disarm a bully is to call his bluff...and when you really mean what you say, the odds go up exponentially. You don't always have to be ready to die for what you believe in to get the point across. Speak your truth in love. Easier said than done? Yes. The more I practice this art, however, the easier it becomes.

I don't like confrontation. When I must confront, I work on being centered. I state my truth. I name the problem. Even if I am afraid, I hold love and compassion out in front. I stand in my strength...with gentleness. I know what I know.

The more I find my center, the less I need to be combative to make my point. No fear. Just truth. I want to be like the priest in this story. No fuss. No muss.

We can all do it. Tell me about yours. I'd love to hear.

Wanda Tucker, Coach

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