Saturday, July 02, 2005

Larry the Magnificat

I just learned that posting cat pictures to blogs is "the thing." Did you know that?

Finding this out was just the excuse I needed to post pictures of my dear friend, Larry. He lived to be 18 years minus one day. Larry's been gone several months now. I still miss him. He was such a cool guy. His presence was so big it was palpable and his energy was calm and soothing. He was my familiar.

In the morning, when I sat to read the paper and drink coffee, Larry curled up on the back of my chair with his paw on my shoulder, purring loud and hard. He wasn't much for sitting on laps, but he loved to be close and touch me...on his terms.

Larry and Saint Francis of Assisi

In his last year, Larry loved lying on the deck in the sun, leaning on St. Francis of Assisi. Larry slept all day at the feet of the statue. The sun shining on the concrete warmed St. Francis, making him nice to snuggle. On really hot days, Larry moved to the shady side and Francis sheltered him from the direct sun, still warming Larry's old bones. Maybe Larry knew St. Francis is the Patron Saint of Animals and the Environment. Maybe they were communing...getting acquainted before meeting face to face.

I took dozens of pictures of Larry and St. Francis. Sometimes I just sit and flip through the slide show. Seeing them together never ceases to move me and my heart fills every time.

St. Francis and I miss Larry. Well...the concrete St. Francis and I do. I have no doubt that Larry and the real one still keep one another company.

Wanda Tucker, Larry's friend (and St. Francis's, too)


sierra_madre said...

To know him was to love him.

Wanda Tucker said...

Yes, and to know him was to be loved by him.


Jenn Higgins said...


this touched me.

we just lost one of our cats (scully) last thursday. we had her only 10 1/2 years and it just seemed far to early for her to leave us.

animals touch us in so many ways, they are such gifts to us.

i too think we are the lucky ones to get to have them in our lives.

Cowtown Pattie said...

Sweet story. I have a similar St. Francis statue in our garden. He is catless; however, he does share space with Max, the pocket rottweiler...