Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I am trying something new...

The blog experience continues to bring NEW into my life--new skills, new ideas, new experiences. I like it. I like the adventure, challenge, and stimulation of trying new things. It keeps the energy flowing. Tonight I am posting to my blog by email. All I have to do is send an email to my secret address and voilá...there it is on my blog!

When is the last time you tried something new? New food? New restaurant? New clothes? New skill? New route home? New t.v. show? New movie?

Try something new to you then tell me about it. Give me the full review.

Wanda Tucker, Coach

A baby and Ingie the orangutan are new to each other.

(Photo taken at the Oregon Zoo.)


sar_girl said...

I love the thought of new!! This year we are going some place new for a week, far from home. I think simple 'new' things give you a boost. I think everyone should get a totally new haircut at least once in their life. Don't forget to try that new ice cream too! I also like the thought of getting to know someone new. Just a thought.

Wanda Tucker said...

Sounds good to me, too. Thanks for showing up.


Wanda Tucker said...

Along that vein, I just met a new person via email because her mail was delivered to the wrong list serve. I wrote to tell her and was intrigued by the fact that she lives in Argentina, so I asked her a couple questions. She responded and we are having a delightful correspondence.

And to think...all because her mail was delivered wrong! Accident? Providence? Serendipity? Hmm....

Wanda Tucker, Coach

sar_girl said...

You know I have aways believed in fate, karma, meant to be, all that good stuff.

Jenn Higgins said...


found your site through vibe coach...

i used to think new was "bad." i just moved to erie, pa after living in phoenix, az for my entire 29 years of life. i was forced into new, everything new, too much i thought.

the first month i freaked, resisted and hated every single day. then i sat myself down, cried and told myself i am mising the lessons there for me to learn.

it's been three months now and even though new is scary, and i've come to learn really hard, i also know now that new is can be fun, and exciting.

in the three months i've lived in erie i have started the following, working out (read:1st time in my life), taking violin lessons, journaling, scrapbooking and gardening.

when i actually stopped to experience new i realized how much i can stretch myself and how good it can actually feel.

great site wanda, glad i found it.

Wanda Tucker said...

Thanks for posting, Jenn. I admire your courage and all the positive steps you are taking.

sar_girl (above)and I like getting to know someone new.

Hope you'll come back again.

Wanda Tucker