Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Never say "Never!"

Every time I have said "NEVER," I ended up doing whatever it was that I said I would never do.

Yes, I admit it. Humility is good for me.

Where we put our attention and energy determines what we create. When I state that I never will...[fill in the blank]...I am emphatic. I concentrate energy into the statement and the idea. (Energy is energy--and the NOT doesn't count.)

So, I just want to say...I'M NEVER GOING TO BE A MILLIONAIRE!

What is it that you will never do?

Wanda Tucker


northstar100 said...

As the Buddhists say, "What you turn your attention to grows." We sometimes rephrase it as "What you think about you bring about." When you say, "I will NEVER [fill in the blank]" your mind has to make a picture of whatever it is you want to avoid. The mind doesn't recognize negatives as in "NEVER." It just recognizes what you have made a picture of and tries to create that for you.

Great blog, my friend; thank you for your sweet presence in my life.

Jenn Higgins said...


i said i would never tell my mom how hurt i was at her not coming to the commitment ceremony i had with my partner.

for me, it seems when i say never i get fulled to do the opposite. for me saying never is actually acknowledgement and when i acknowledge something i can't let it go any longer, i have to take action

this may i was in phoenix vising my parents and i did tell my mom about my hurt. it opened up a new door for our communicating.

i think it's when we can get through the hardest things, the most challenging we learn the most.