Thursday, July 21, 2005

Who is David Slawson and why is wtuckercoach writing about him?

David Slawson is an ordinary guy. At least that is what I thought when I worked for him in the early 1990s. David owned East-West College of Massage (now East-West College of the Healing Arts) in Portland, Oregon. I taught communication skills and professional boundaries and ethics to massage therapists in training.

So why am I writing about him? I ran across an article about David in Inc. magazine. And I know the guy! David Slawson is making a difference for the planet. That is worthy of note.

He is a good businessman, to be sure. Not many massage therapists turn their practices into alternative health care facilities employing 70 professionals, then buy a small school and turn it into one of the largest in the country and become first in the state to be approved by the national professional organization, American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

David saw a need--smelled and felt it in his lungs, actually--for cleaner energy when he lived here in Portland. According to the article, on his first night in a new downtown apartment, he opened the window before going to bed and got blasted with vehicle exhaust. The next day, he decided to do something about it.

Now David Slawson's company, Stirling Energy Systems, Inc. (SES), develops technology and power plants for renewable, non-polluting energy. Their mission "is to deploy clean and sustainable energy technologies to assist in the abatement of global warming and in directing the market away from old paradigm polluting sources of electrical power generation."

By now you know that I care about energy...personal, professional, global. I care about clean energy and how to be good stewards of the resources we have available. David started as a massage therapist working on individuals, treating them and their energy systems. Then he expanded his practice into a 70 professional alternative health care facility, reaching more of the community. Next, he bought a school and turned it into a nationally recognized professional training teach people how to work on people's energy systems. Now, David's company, SES, makes a difference globally. Natural progression. Is David Slawson an ordinary guy? Yes and no. Yes--I hope he is because it gives me hope for the rest of us. No--not by statistical averages, because the rest of us haven't done it...yet.

How big can you dream? Do you want to make it come true?

(I wanted to post a picture; however, the SES site has protected their photos. Please, go there and check them out.)

Wanda Tucker, Energy Coach

[PS--David, if you find this site, congratulations...and thank you.]


Jenn Higgins said...


so inspiring... great story.


Wanda Tucker said...

Isn't his work amazing! I hope it really begins to take off...for all our sakes.

Wanda Tucker

sar_girl said...

I think the message needs to be spread that just the little you do can make a big difference.....recycle those beverage containers and news papers and plastics if you can. I am very rural and there is no beverage container return here but I still save them and drive to a neighboring town to recycle them. It isn't about the piddly change I get for doing it, it is about making the world a better place and setting an example for my children. After all I am borrowing the Earth from them.

sar_girl said...

I have to add that I really don't like waste. I hate professional sports (and most actors) because I think the money they get paid is a waste. There are children living in their cars and on the streets and people who can't afford health care. When a lot of them are breaking the law! I would really like to hear others opinion on this too. If Wanda doesn't care!!! :)

Wanda Tucker said...

I always like to hear what people have to long as it is clean (i.e., no vulgarity or profanity). And I like to keep things positive and moving forward--in other words: What can we do?

Wanda Tucker