Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What's your childhood dream?

Across the street from our house was a drive-in theater. At night during the summer we could sit in the front yard and watch the movies for free with a completely unobstructed view of the 30 foot high screen. Of course, we couldn't hear anything, but we watched all the movies we wanted to watch.

During the day, Mr. Elbow (the owner) was there working. He changed the name of the movie on the markee every week to advertise the upcoming double feature. Sometimes letters fell to the ground below. If I found them and returned them to him, he'd give me a dollar.

When I couldn't find any letters in the tall grass--and I felt brave enough--I ventured to the building that housed the projection booth and snack bar where Mr. Elbow was cleaning and preparing for the next showing. I asked if he had any chores that I could do for him. He handed me a bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towels and I cleaned the glass in the candy cases. Sometimes I swept the floor. He paid me a dollar.

Even when I was 10, I liked the idea of being self-employed and providing a service. Retail was not my thing...lemon-ade stands held no appeal for me.

Remembering the plans and desires of our childhood puts us in touch with our passion--and that's where the energy is. Find your passion. Reconnect with the energy of your youth.

My other dream was to be an actress. I still have time.

How about you? What's your childhood dream? Are you living it?

Tell us about it.

from the Energy Coach,
Wanda Tucker


Susan said...

When I was in 2nd grade we were given an essay project entitled, "I Wish I Knew How to..." I wrote that I wished I knew how to end the conflict between Israel and the Arab Nations. I remember thinking that the conflict was about religion, and that if everyone in the Middle East just respected one another's spiritual paths, there would be peace. I remember thinking it would be so easy to create peace. That was in 1966. My essay won and award and was read over the loud speaker. My father saved my essay for about 25 years, until it was destroyed in a fire.

I still believe peace is possible. Now I figure I need to be the peace I want to see.


Wanda Tucker said...

Wow. Second grade! And you are right, it would be easy to create peace...if everyone figured the way you do.

Wanda Tucker

Creating a Purposeful Life said...

I don't remember having a childhood dream, as such. What I do remember is being home sick from school, sitting on the couch in the living room and looking out the window at all the cars going by. I was impressed that they all were going somewhere. They had things to do that took them away. "Somewhere", "away" and the fact that people were going there were really big to me. It was only as an adult looking back that I could recognize and name a longing for freedom.

The life I have created allows me to frequently go "somewhere" and "away". Living in Ireland now, I travel around Europe and have gone back and forth over the Atlantic more times than I could ever have imagined sitting on that couch. And...I love the sense of freedom.

search-rescue_girl said...

I guess I posted on the wrong message........imagine that. I forgot about the drive in until I read this......Why not be an actress? A girl can dream can't she??? Right now I am dreaming my house is clean and my kids aren't fighting, and I am sitting on a beach with a an umbrella drink in my hand being fanned with a fig leaf!! :)

Hannah said...

Growing up, I had many dreams. They all centered around helping people feel better. I wanted to be a healer. One year, when I was about 8, I decided to become an herbalist and I made a tonic of flower buds. The bad news is that I ended up with poisoning and spent six weeks of my summer vacation in a hospital bed. The good news is that all my friends refused to take my "medicine" and therefore at least I didn't poison the whole neighbourhood.

So much for self-medicating.

My dreams continue to center around peace, happiness, health and prosperity for all. Which is one reason I love you so much. You are able to hold that vision with and for all of us even when we get discouraged and want to give up.

Let's keep dreaming ...