Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday: Cat Day

Apparently Friday is cat picture posting day. I didn't know that when I wrote about Larry. Oh, well. Consider Larry's post a special edition--perfect for a Magnificat.

I planned to introduce Marty and Misi today, but I don't have any pictures that do them justice. So I'll just have to leave you wanting. When I first moved in with them, they were pretty shy. Now I think they might be willing to pose for me.

Instead, here's a picture I took in Hawaii. Cats really know how to rest. What a life, huh?

(I took this photo on Kauai at Aunty Angeline's day spa.)


Jenn Higgins said...

Hey, I posted cats today to... for different reasons but they are cats!

Wanda Tucker said...

I've been thinking...I'd like to come back as a cat--who lives in a day spa. Do you think it could get any better than that?

Wanda Tucker, Coach

Jenn Higgins said...


Just thought I'd send this link to you... you may have gone to this site before but I am always inspired each time I go. It seems each time I visit I end up thinking and that's never a bad thing.