Friday, June 24, 2005

And now for the rest--

Friday night. All my Monday through Friday obligations are done. The weekend lies before me.

I talked to my coach this morning. She challenged me to look at how I rest. That's!

My tendency is to keep going until I can't any more. Rest consists of sitting down--reading a book, playing a computer game, watching a movie, or doing nothing--until my internal battery recharges enough that I can get up and go again. Sometimes I sit there worrying about all the things I am not getting done.

But what if Rest were my plan? What if I were to rest with intention? What if I were to rest before my battery ran down completely? Would that feel different? I'm betting it would.

I invite you to take the challenge with me. Then tell me how it works for you. I'd love to hear.

(I took this picture at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden a few weeks ago when I went there with a friend from out of town. We had a wonderful restful visit.)


Creating a Purposeful Life said...

Wanda: Your blog "spot" is really lovely! You've done a brilliant job. Your layout (particularly photo) is lovely.

Your message is thoughtful and challenging ...thank you for sharing your Coach's challenge (what a coach!) and thanks for sharing the challenge with your readers.

I'm bookmarking your page! I just know I'll want to come back.

Best of luck to you, Wanda, and congratulations on a job well done.

Vibe Coach said...

Your blog is BEAUTIFUL! AWESOME! And I LOVE this post! Makes me smile just reading it. Nurturing-luscious-feeling-good-and-the-world-can-wait REST! Even thinking about it makes me feel good. And, WOW to that photo! Blessings!

Dr. Neill Neill said...

Wanda, WOW! Congratulations. I think you will make a great coach. I think you will because you already do coach others. Whenever you have coached me on anything, I've come away more confident, more charged and readier to make the decisions I need to make. There has been an easy flow and I always feel I have benefited from our interactions.

You are easy to trust. I believe this is in part due to the fact that if something needs to be said, you will say it without beating around the bush. Yet you always remain supportive and your big heart is never absent.

My very best to you.

Wanda Tucker said...


It is great to hear from you. Thanks for your vote of confidence.

search-rescue_girl said...

I have discovered only with in the past year or so and I guess also with my "disease" that rest is a great thing. The house will still be there to clean and chores to be done but if you can catch that little nap or just sit and veg to recharge you are a greater assest to yourself and your family. I guess it is kind of like "take time to smell the roses." If you are well rested and more in touch with yourself I think the world is a better place.