Saturday, July 01, 2006

Talk nice to each other...

Let's talk about computers.

I have spent hours and HOURS every day this past week trying to get our new printer at the office hooked up on the wireless network. I installed the Hewlett Packard 6310 All-in-one on my computer using USB. No problem. I installed the Airlink 101 wireless router. No problem. The router sees the printer. I can print a test page at the MS-DOS level.

What does that mean? It means that the computer and printer are talking to each other. No problem. Until...I try to install the HP software on my machine to run wireless through Windows XP.


"Is this the printer you want to install?"


"Do you want to install it directly through USB or through the Network?"

Through the network.

[Installation begins.]
"Is this the printer you want to install?"

Why yes, as a matter of fact, it is. Thank you for asking.

"Do you want to install it directly through USB or through the Network?"

Oh, let's try the network this time.

[Installation begins.]
"Is this the printer you want to install?"


"Do you want to install it directly through USB or through the Network?"

"Is this the printer you want to install?"

I haven't cried yet. I used a few terms I learned at the knee of my father, the logger. They didn't solve the problem, but they probably did keep me from crying.

I tapped. Really. It helped me feel calmer, and it didn't heal the problem.

I prayed. That probably helped, too, although prayer didn't heal the problem either.

Okay, let's go over this again...

Wireless router installed and operational: check.

Router sees and identifies printer: check.

Printer installed through USB on the computer: check.

Printer prints through USB: check.

Printer prints wirelessly through MS-DOS: check.

Computer will install wireless connection and print through Windows: Why--no! I don't believe it will! How odd.

Now, track here with me folks--where does the problem lie? Apparently, somewhere between HP and Windows XP. So here's my question...don't these people talk to each other?

I know this is a huge industry and there are a lot of issues to work around. I get it. But don't the people at HP know that someone somewhere is going to be trying to use the printer on a Windows XP machine wirelessly? Especially since it is sold as an RJ45 capable machine? And don't the Microsoft folks know that people have to use printers to get their work out of the machine?

Is it too much to ask that they talk to each other and figure out these issues BEFORE they sell me their products?

You see, because they didn't work this out it has become my problem. I now have spent more hours than I wanted to and more than I think any one person should (even after talking to HP tech support--yes, I have been there) trying to get this to work. And it still doesn't. Sigh.

Kind of like real life isn't it? When we don't talk nice to each other and work out the communication glitches that are bound to happen (because we each have our individual operating systems) our problems can very quickly become someone else's. Not fair...not right. Yet it happens all the time.

So, HP and Microsoft, all I want you to do is talk nice to each other and solve the miscommunications before you pass them on to me and try to get me to work them out for you. I'm sure you are very busy. So am I.

Communication is my business. Would you like a little help? Call me. I am sure I can mediate the communication issues between you. Maybe I can even help with some skill building. How about this--you pay me to help you work out your miscommunications, instead of the other way around.

You know, it is pretty simple. Most of the time all we have to do is talk nice to each other.

May my words be Light.

Wanda Tucker, Coach

PS - The pictures are mine, taken by me. All rights reserved.


sar_girl said...

You know me well enough to know that my motto is "the best way to deal with a messed up computer is a big hammer!" :)

Wanda Tucker said...

Yeah...but sometimes it makes more of a mess. Good to see you again.

sierra_madre said...

Now you know how I feel when I try to do even the simplest installations!

jennifer said...

See, this works because it has that personal note of experience! You have an experience, you relate it, you universalize it (is that a word) and it is so human and yet, enlightened. I relate! And I love it.

Signed, self appointed writing teacher.

Wanda Tucker said...


Jenny Rough said...

Great post. Communicating before things happen is so important. Then when the glitches do occur, you and your spouse or friend or whoever can say, "Hey, we've talked about this before and here's what we said we were going to do to fix it..."