Tuesday, October 04, 2005


First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.
Epictetus, Roman Philosopher
This is my great-nephew. He loves Spiderman. I love this picture. Children take on the persona of their heroes with such zeal.
When I was a high school teacher, one of my students told about her little brother who became Aquaman by putting a pair of underpants on his head and looking through the leg holes. Unfortunately, he broke his arm jumping off the bunk bed...but he became Aquaman.
What is it that you would be? Maybe you don't want to be Spiderman or Wonder Woman. Maybe you seek to be a better mother or more of an adventurer. Maybe you want to find a new career or renew your passion in the one you have. Do you know what you have to do?
Tell me about it. I'd love to hear.
Wanda Tucker, your energy coach


Cowtown Pattie said...

This photo makes me laugh out loud. As a mother, I recognize this face, albeit my memory includes the feminine version...daughters.

What would I be, what must I be?

Oh so many things, so little time. I flit - a confessed flitterer of time and effort. But, one thing my soul is yearning for is a simplification of life. A chance to live in a small town, with room to breathe invisible air, a garden to grow my own vegetables, and time to write, to ponder weak and weary if I so choose deep into the night. To do this requires patience to complete the parenting of two stepchicks, bravery to step out of my safe niche, and enough savings monetarily to prevent hunger. No small feats,these.

sar_girl said...

Since this Spiderman is my nephew I will tell you that he called Spiderman "pidersman"!

Nuts said...

Cute Kid!!! Takes after his mother!!

Wanda Tucker said...

Yes, indeed. I stand corrected: "Pidersman" it is. (And I am sure that he must take after his mama.)

Ah, yes, Pattie...so little time. Your dream sound wonderful. Dream on.

sar_girl said...

I think we should all be Aquaman or Spiderman at least once (ok, twice)in our life. I think it is very unfair that we don't know what we want to be when we grow up until we grow up!!! I am at a crossroads right now.......I want to do something different but can't find exactly what it is. OR I would also like to rekindle that spark for what I do now. I used to be passionate about it but now I am bored.

Wanda Tucker said...

Boredom is an interesting phenomenon. Do you know what bores you? Are you burned out? Maybe you need a vacation. Are you tired of the same old stuff day after day? Maybe you could take a class or seminar and learn some new ideas...get a jump start on some new energy. Are you feeling poorly? When I am not quite feeling well, it is difficult to bring much energy to my work and then I feel bored. I hope you find a way to allow your passion to return.

There is also a meditation technique called "Beginner's Mind." When we can look at a situation with new eyes--as if we are seeing it for the first time--we can sometimes renew the passion.

I wish you much energy and joy in your work...and/or a clear path to what is new for you to do.