Sunday, September 18, 2005

Happy Birthday, Larry...

(September 18, 1986 - September 17, 2004)
Copyright 2005. Wanda Tucker. All rights reserved.
The days are getting shorter. We are losing four minutes of daylight per day. The leaves are starting to turn. The nights are cooler. It's time for Larry to come curl up on the hearth and warm his toes by the fire.
I miss my feline bed warmer. I miss my 18 year old, extreme geriatric cat. On veterinary charts, that's what they called him. His age was the equivalent of 86 human years.
Has it only been a year?
I hope your toes are always warm and your joints flexible. Say "hi" to Daryl and Oliver for me.


Cowtown Pattie said...

He looks like a real sweetheart. Like you, our animals are all a part of our family. I surely understood the Katrina evacuees who did not want to leave their pets behind.

Wanda Tucker said...

Me, too. I read an article about Cuba and their evacuation plan. They evacuate people, pets, and televisions. Sounds smart to me!

A veterinarian was interviewed about the FEMA evacuation policy. She said that what They fail to take into account is that a lot of the people won't survive if they leave their pets behind.

Wanda Tucker said...

Here is the link for the article I mentioned in my last comment: