Sunday, August 07, 2005

Bath Day for St. Francis

(St. Francis photo by Wanda Tucker copyright 2005)

Today I gave St. Francis (and the deck) a bath. Here in Oregon, everything is green. Sometimes, even things that didn't start out that way turn green with moss and algae over the fall and winter. St. Francis looked a bit more like St. Patrick prior to the high powered shower I gave him, and after a rain the deck could be used as a skating rink.

I work with people all week. I love it, but at the end of the work day, I can't always see what I have accomplished. Some days, I like doing jobs that show. When I am done I can point at the finished product and say, "Doesn't that look great?" This was one of those days. Now, until the fall and winter bring the next layer of green, I can sit in my living room and enjoy the sparkling, clean view of St. Francis on the deck.

What is your favorite task...the one you do for the sheer joy of how it looks and feels when you are done? Tell us about it and share the joy.

Wanda Tucker, Coach

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